duplicacy service "Failed to set \\xx\y as the current working directory"

Kole     May 16 12:38PM 2018

Trying to backup a file share using duplicacy as a service but getting the error:

"Failed to set \xx\y as the current working directory"

in the event viewer log. The computer has full control permissions on the file share. Please advise.

Kole    May 16 2:40PM 2018

disregard, this was a configuration error on our end

Kole    May 16 4:08PM 2018

still getting this error after fixing the error on our end.

gchen    May 16 7:10PM 2018

This is likely because the service is running as the LocalSystem account which doesn't have the username/password to access the network share.

You can run psexec from the Sysinternals Suite to start a DOS prompt under the LocalSystem account:

PsExec.exe -i -s cmd.exe

You can find instructions here: https://specopssoft.com/blog/how-to-become-the-local-system-account-with-psexec/

And then run this command to set the username/password for your network share:

net use \\server\share /u:username

If dir \\server\share lists the share correctly then you're good to go.

Kole    May 17 11:04AM 2018

I changed the user that the service uses to access the share from LocalSystem to a service account with full control permissions to the file share. Getting this error message in the duplicacy logs:

\xx\y operation returned an error: ERROR Invalid repository path: \xx\y

"dir \server\share" lists the share correctly.

Kole    May 17 11:06AM 2018

The error message: 2018-05-17 09:01:35.478 ERROR VSS_PATH Invalid repository path: \\xx\y [09:01:35] \\xx\y Backup operation returned an error: ERROR Invalid repository path: \\xx\y

gchen    May 17 8:03PM 2018

That is because you have the VSS option enabled, which doesn't work for a network share.

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