'This Computer is not eligible for the 30 day trial'

Paul.C     Jan 11 4:57PM 2018 GUI

I'm attempting to evaluate Duplicacy, using a virtual machine running Window 10 Enterprise LTSB (since it's lean, it's well suited to VMs).

I'm guessing that's the reason it's 'not eligible'? Is there a way I can enable a trial?

  • Paul

gchen    Jan 11 9:19PM 2018

This is likely because your virtual machine happens to have the same machine id as someone else's. Can you send the host name (run hostname in a dos window) to duplicacy-support@acrosync.com so I can unblock that id?

Paul.C    Jan 14 1:44AM 2018

Thanks, Gilbert. I've sent the hostnames to duplicacy-support@acrosync.com.

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