After installation of 1.1 (Built 0) err msg 'Invalid activation code' appears and quits.

Elmar     Oct 18 9:41AM 2016 GUI

To be on the safe side I uninstalled previous old version before installing new duplicacy_installer_win64_1.1.0.exe.

I had no choice to select a directory, it forces installation in C:....\local\duplicacy which is against internal rule to install software of any kind in AppData area.

Anyway, clicking the icon starts program with above err msg and terminates again. So it is not possible to put in the serial number or to use the program somehow.

gchen    Oct 18 5:05PM 2016

This is caused by a bug in reading the old free license issued to the old version. Removing the registry values named License and Signature under HKCU/Software/Duplicacy should fix this issue.

Elmar    Oct 19 6:02AM 2016

Resolved, thanks.

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