warwick     Aug 8 9:55AM 2016

Does duplicacy have a compression option?

gchen    Aug 8 10:27AM 2016

You can set the compression level when initializing the storage:

   duplicacy init - Initialize the storage if necessary and the current directory as the repository

   duplicacy init [command options] <snapshot id> <storage url>

   -encrypt, -e                    encrypt the storage with a password
   -chunk-size, -c 4M              the average size of chunks
   -max-chunk-size, -max 16M       the maximum size of chunks (defaults to chunk-size * 4)
   -min-chunk-size, -min 1M        the minimum size of chunks (defaults to chunk-size / 4)
   -compression-level, -l <level>  compression level (defaults to -1)
The compression level parameter is passed to the zlib library. Valid values are -1 through 9, with 0 meaning no compression, 9 best compression (slowest), and -1 being the default value (equivalent to level 6).

Ovidiu    Aug 11 9:31AM 2016

and how about if one uses the Windows GUI? I didn't see any compression options there.

gchen    Aug 11 9:42AM 2016

There is no compression option in the GUI version. You can initialize the storage with the CLI version first, and then when you run the GUI version, once you select the repository directory it will load all settings correctly.

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