plans for a Linux GUI

DQ     Aug 29 12:39AM 2017 GUI

are there any plans for a Linux GUI?

gchen    Aug 29 10:45AM 2017

The new GUI version 2.1 will support Linux. It should be available in 2 months.

Ciadrim    Nov 11 2:26PM 2017

Any progress updates on the Linux GUI version?

gchen    Nov 11 11:23PM 2017

I'm still targeting the end of November. The good news is that I'm now woking on it full-time after the work on new chunk directory structure has been completed.

ws    Dec 29 7:10PM 2017

I just bought two personal licenses foolishly assuming there was a linux GUI, so I'm relieved to see it is planned.

Is there any further progress update?

gchen    Dec 29 8:53PM 2017

I apologize for not updating this thread. The original plan was to rewrite the GUI using and Linux will be naturally supported. However, mainly due to a license issue (currently there is no way to create closed-source apps with that library) I decided not to go that route which means a Linux version will not happen for version 2.1.

I'll issue a full refund if the Linux version is all you wanted.

ws    Dec 30 3:29AM 2017

Wow, thanks for the fast response! I was planning 1 Windows and 1 Linux license so I'll contact you directly about that. I at least wanted to confirm that there is interest in the Linux GUI. Too bad about the qt/go licensing with that route.

Although it does look like I'll be better off using the CLI on Windows and Linux anyway, at least for now. So far it's much easier than I thought it would be.

Andrés    Jan 13 6:23PM 2018

Hello how are you ? Excuse my English. I find the product very interesting. Do you think there may be news about a Linux GUI in the short term? Can I maybe help as a beta-tester when you have some progress in its development?

Best Regards.


gchen    Jan 13 11:22PM 2018

I'll reconsider the possibility of a Linux GUI since so many people have asked for it. I'll let you know when it is available for testing.

Paul.C    Jan 14 1:12AM 2018

wxWidgets is worth a look. I used it many moons ago for a small project, back when it was v1.2 (it's now v3.1) and was pleased both with the result and with the reasonable learning curve. The license allows commercial use, too.

  • Paul

Paul.C    Jan 14 1:22AM 2018

BTW another approach, which I personally prefer, is to have a daemon/service serve up a web interface. Particularly useful for 'headless' machines like NAS boxes, cloud infrastructure, etc.

There are a few tools/toolkits that make it easier to create this kind of architecture. The usual approach is something like a small view (in html/css/javascript) connecting to a model/controller over a web socket. Much of the 'plumbing' is provided for you by these new tools.

  • Paul

Andrés    Jan 14 9:11AM 2018

Hi, people. I agree with Paul.

Duplicati followed that line for version 2.x using "mono" and it looks good, although I do not know what the impositions of using this library are. Perhaps it is not necessary to use a library of this type with the approach suggested by Paul (small view ...)


gchen    Jan 14 11:30AM 2018

The current version (including 2.1.0) is using wxWidgets. I do have a plan to develop a new web-based GUI version that will be able to run all CLI commands over ssh so you will just need to run Duplicacy on one machine to manage backups for multiple machines.

Andrés    Jan 14 2:32PM 2018

That would be great. I hope you can make it happen !

Mark Renouf    Mar 22 8:44PM 2018

Another user hoping for a Linux GUI soon! Keep up the awesome work!

ps: I paid for a GUI license, but just consider it a dontation towards getting the Linux version ready.

gchen    Mar 23 8:19PM 2018

Mark, I really appreciate that! I'll start working on the web-based GUI version very soon (which should include a linux version).

Andrew Stevens    May 28 10:39PM 2018

I also look forward to a Linux GUI. I purchased a license to try out the GUI in Windows, but Linux is my primary desktop OS.

Pablo Bustamante    May 29 2:52PM 2018

I'm a graphic and web designer and will be more than happy to help you gchen with the design of the new web-based gui and everything else you need for Duplicacy: Webpage, logos, etc.

Let me know if you want/need my help!

skidvd    Jun 9 3:15PM 2018

Any updates on the Linux GUI?

gchen    Jun 10 10:04PM 2018

Sorry the work on the web-based GUI version has been delayed. I hope to get it started in July and by that time I will have a better estimate.

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