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Jacques     Apr 21 8:32AM 2017 GUI

Hello, Sorry to bother you again. Your software is great and very powerful. I would be interested in the command lines that are generated by your software Duplicacy (to make scripts to backup on several sites). Alas I only took a personal license for 2 years. Should I take a license of type "commercial" for this - no possibility to upgrade? " - (no problem if i had to take a new licence for this). Thanks a lot. Best regards, J.V.

gchen    Apr 21 11:02AM 2017

If you want to use the CLI version for commercial purposes, you can do it without buying commercial licenses for now. In about a month we'll release the source code of the CLI version under the Fair Source 5 License, meaning you can use it for free if your organization has less than 5 users. Otherwise it will only be $10 per user per year.

If you want the GUI version instead you'll need to buy commercial licenses. If you buy another two-year personal license I can consolidate them into a one-year commercial license.

Jacques    Apr 21 1:45PM 2017

I use your software for my personal use. As I have 2 places of backup online (Hubic and SFTP site), I was interested in making a script for the 2nd site. Your software has only one possibility... So I'll wait the release the source code of the CLI version and I'll see what I can do at this time. Best regards, J.V

gchen    Apr 21 3:31PM 2017

Personal use of the CLI version is always free and will remain free under the Fair Source License.

Charles    May 5 6:34PM 2017

I posted this in the wrong place

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