Can i move a backup set from one backend to another?

TheBestPessimist     Aug 8 7:11AM 2017

Can i move for example a backup set (repository) from a local folder to google drive, then in google drive add a few more (hundreds maybe?) backups, then move the repository from gdrive-> backblaze b2, add a few more (hundreds maybe?) backups, then take it back to my (or someone else's) HDD to extract it?

Will this work?

In arq backup this is not possible.

gchen    Aug 8 8:23AM 2017

The copy command was designed specifically for this purpose. To use this command, you'll need to run the add command to add additional storages, and then copy all or selected backups from one storage to another.

You can also use third-party programs (like rclone) to copy the entire storage from one cloud storage to another, but if you go this route you'll have to copy all backups -- you can't specify to copy only a few desired backups. Moreover, on local and sftp storages Duplicacy stores chunk files in a hierarchical structure (much like what git does), but for most cloud storages all chunk files are stored under one directory. Therefore, if you use third-party programs between storages with different chunk structures, you'll need to flatten or unflatten the chunk directory first.

TheBestPessimist    Aug 8 2:05PM 2017

i missed that file on your repo. I should watch it more carefully.

TheBestPessimist    Aug 8 2:05PM 2017

Thank you for your answer.

TheBestPessimist    Aug 8 2:06PM 2017

I think this issue could be closed now, but i have no idea how.

TheBestPessimist    Aug 9 1:11AM 2017

one other problem: in the GUI i see no means to copy the backup set, nor to add multiple folders (repositories?) to the same backup destination.

Is there such a way?

gchen    Aug 9 9:51AM 2017

Right, the GUI version doesn't support the copy command -- it is only available in the CLI version.

You can create symlinks to other folders under the repository. Duplicacy will follow these symlinks to back up the referent folders. This only applies to the first-level symlinks -- symlinks under a subfolder will be simply backed up as symlinks.

I've already started rewriting the GUI version. These two features will be supported by the new version.

TheBestPessimist    Aug 9 10:49AM 2017

Okay then. Waiting for 2.0.7.

TheBestPessimist    Aug 9 10:49AM 2017

(please close this one)

gchen    Aug 9 12:57PM 2017

Don't worry about closing the issue. Generally I don't close issues so other people may find useful information.

2.0.7 is going to be a minor version. The rewritten version will be released as 2.1.0.

clbn    Aug 12 8:05AM 2017

Does it mean GUI version 2.1.0 will support multiple repositories ("backup sets")? I guess that's something currently achievable (without symlinking) with CLI version?

TheBestPessimist    Aug 12 10:03AM 2017

I also would like to have that, @clbn :D. Let's hope it'll be available, since that is a very useful feature.

gchen    Aug 12 10:11AM 2017

Yes, version 2.1.0 will support multiple repositories.

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