SFTP connection error

Axel     Jan 10 12:16PM 2018 CLI


I'm new to duplicacy and testing the solution, so sorry if this problem has already be addressed...

CLI version 2.0.10 downloaded from https://github.com/gilbertchen/duplicacy/releases/tag/v2.0.10

I'm trying to connect a SFTP server but I get this error message :

Failed to load the SFTP storage at sftp://user@ dial tcp: lookup nexxit.admin@ getaddrinfow: A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup.

The client is a windows computer connecting to a linux sftp running on port 22. From the same client I able to connect to the sftp server with WinSCP.

Any help would be appreciated...

gchen    Jan 10 2:37PM 2018

The . in the user caused Duplicacy to fail to separate the user name and the server address, so it was trying to connect to user@ instead of

I will fix the github branch later today but a workaround for now is to use a different username without the ..

Axel    Jan 11 5:00AM 2018


I confirm that without the . it's working.

maccra    Jan 12 8:25PM 2018

Hello, I am also having a problem connecting to a SFTP server on a local network. I get the error message:

Failed to load the SFTP storage at sftp://user@ Can't access the storage path P/BDup/Files: file does not exist

I have setup Filezilla and Cyberduck to connect to SFTP with exactly the same storage url and have no problems with them. I crossed checked to check that I did not make a mistake.

Any ideas? Win10 Pro x64 9 (client and server)

cheers and thanks

maccra    Jan 12 8:34PM 2018

Ok.. I figured it out now. I needed a "/" in the storage location to give me 2 "/" after the IP address.

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