Duplicacy service not "un-pausing" on GUI exit

Scott S.     Nov 13 1:14PM 2017 GUI

When I launch the Duplicacy GUI it pauses the Windows service. This happens whether or not I hit the stop button in the GUI. (I'm assuming this is normal?) When I close the GUI it does not restart service (even if I hit the start button in the GUI) and none of my backups happen. If I manually start the paused service in Windows it works as expected.

Windows Server 2012 R2

gchen    Nov 13 2:41PM 2017

You need to exit the GUI by right clicking the system tray icon and selecting Quit. On exit it will resume the service. Otherwise the GUI will remain running in the background.

Scott S.    Nov 13 4:21PM 2017

Okay, quitting the app from the tray does restart the service. However, logging off the Windows session (which also exits the app) does NOT restart the service.

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