Best practices for ensuring ability to restore on a new computer after catastrophic failure

sshanky     Nov 11 5:44PM 2016 GUI

Hi, I read the answer posted in a prior post about restoring to another computer, where you mentioned that to restore it would be necessary to change the id in the repository to match the id that was used on the prior computer. Alternatively, you mentioned that the CLI could be used to list repositories.

I wanted to ask the question in a more general way: What is the recommended methodology for ensuring that one can restore on a new computer when there is no way to access the original computer (i.e. crashed drive or stolen computer)? In such a case, it's possible one would not know the ID of the repository. I just tried the CLI but didn't have much luck (command not found) but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Maybe an important step is to be sure to record the repository ID and write it down somewhere separately from the computer?


gchen    Nov 12 10:39AM 2016

That post only applied to an earlier version -- in the latest version in the restore window there is an option to choose repositories on other computers and restore files from there.

Under the hood, you'll never lose a repository id because the id is used as the directory to store the snapshot files on the storage. So if you list under the 'snapshots' directory on the storage you'll find all your repository ids there.

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