chriskennedy     Mar 23 4:54PM 2017 GUI

We are looking for a new online backup solution for our Dental clients. How do I sign up for a 30 day trial?



gchen    Mar 23 5:12PM 2017

Signup is not needed. Just download the installer for your OS and run it. Duplicacy will automatically download a trial license the first time it runs.

gregthegeek    Sep 1 2:42PM 2017

This is for the CLI version. Just so I'm clear on this, I saw the subject "Reseller" on here and wanted to ask if this is permitted. I'd like to setup some of my clients with your CLI version and I'd way rather purchase the subscription myself and pass along my own bill to my clients directly. It would be much easier since I manage all their systems and they'll never do this on their own.

gchen    Sep 1 4:01PM 2017

Yes, that is perfectly fine.

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