uploaded file but failed to store EOF

kevinvinv     Apr 28 12:11AM 2018 CLI

Not sure what to do about this: 2018-04-27 22:15:30.068 INFO UPLOAD_PROGRESS Uploaded chunk 1002 size 3179504, 8.97MB/s 00:24:24 26.6% 2018-04-27 22:45:29.829 ERROR UPLOAD_CHUNK Failed to upload the chunk 4612a87462e2390ffe42c73571e34b29f921b58e66cacf0c67370bf2a39d2d98: Uploaded file but failed to store it at /share/homes/backups/KristinV/chunks/46/12a87462e2390ffe42c73571e34b29f921b58e66cacf0c67370bf2a39d2d98: EOF


gchen    Apr 29 9:27PM 2018

I think this was caused by a closed connection due to temporary network issues. If you run it again does the same error happen again?

kevinvinv    Apr 29 9:39PM 2018

It seems to happen again... yes. I will try a third time tonight to see. Thanks sir!!

kevinvinv    Apr 29 10:08PM 2018

Well... third time seems to be a charm... so far it is going ok... up to 75% where it used to fail around 30%.,,, hoping for the best!

kevinvinv    Apr 30 7:39AM 2018

mmmm- but this time it failed at 93% :(

so you think it is a bad network link?

gchen    Apr 30 8:37PM 2018

I think it is a bad network link. Which backend is this? Maybe some retry logic is needed here.

kevinvinv    May 1 7:50AM 2018

this is a local sftp to a local server. Nothing fancy.

Retry logic looks like it would help... I finally got it to finish after the 5th try.

I have others going to the same server that dont seem too have this problem (that I know of yet) :)

If there is anything you think I could do on my end- I'd appreciate the advice! Perhaps I need to somehow trap the error and then do my own retry?

gchen    May 1 9:16PM 2018

If you want to catch the error in a script, run the backup command with the -log option (like duplicacy -log backup) and grep the output for both ERROR and EOF. If you get a hit, rerun the backup command.

float    May 12 2:27AM 2018

Will the resume (or retry X times) backup/upload option for SFTP be added to the next version? I noticed when the SFTP server goes down the backup just "hangs" and you need to restart it when you want to "continue" the backup (which "failed", so it restarts from 0).

gchen    May 13 8:05PM 2018

I'm thinking of adding the retry logic to the chunk uploader on an EOF error so it will work on all backends. However, I'm not sure if this helps in your case -- if it just "hangs" as you said then the retry code will never get invoked.

kevinvinv    May 14 9:36AM 2018

I am still experiencing this problem periodically and cant really figure out why... so I'd love to see if you can get some retry logic in there... I would love to see it!!

kevinvinv    May 20 8:05AM 2018

I still seem to be having this problem quite a bit but only with one computer in the building... so that is weird.

Any further thoughts on adding some retry logic for sftp?

kevinvinv    May 24 10:44AM 2018

Still getting these EOF errors.... any chance you want to use me as a testcase for some beta code retry logic? :)

gchen    May 24 8:15PM 2018

I'll try to get it done in about 2 weeks.

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