Can't open Duplicacy after reboot

Steve L     Jul 26 10:41AM 2017 GUI

On MacOS whenever I reboot I get the following error screen and Duplicacy will not start:

Duplicacy Error: The license code ****** is associated with host MacBook-Pro

All I get is an 'Ok' button and nothing happens.

gchen    Jul 26 3:29PM 2017

Your host name changed after the reboot. You can run hostname in Terminal to print the new host name, and then change the hostname on your customer page by clicking the MacBook-Pro link.

You'll also need to run the command defaults delete com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy Signature in Terminal to force Duplicacy to download a new license that matches your new host name.

Steve L    Jul 29 5:49PM 2017

I think I narrowed down the issue. If I reboot at home where the hostname is MacBook-Pro.home.local it works. If I reboot at work where the hostname is it does not work. It seems to care about the full FQDN hostname which will change as you move between different networks...

gchen    Jul 29 8:08PM 2017

No, it is a case-sensitivity issue. We don't take the domain part for the host name, so in both cases it would be MacBook-Pro. But, it appears that one is all lower case while the other is not, therefore Duplicacy thought it is a different host.

I'll fix that in version 2.0.7, but if you can find a way to change the case then you don't need to wait for the new version.

Steve L    Jul 31 4:50PM 2017

Ok. Thanks for the update!

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