Problems with exclusions

Christoph     Mar 2 9:45AM 2018 CLI

I am running duplicacy -log backupon c:

This is in my filters file:

e:Documents and Settings/

But I still get

2018-03-02 15:43:42.705 WARN LIST_LINK Failed to read the symlink: readlink C:\Documents and Settings: Access is denied.

What am I doing wrong?

gchen    Mar 2 8:28PM 2018

It reads the symlink info before applying the exclude patterns, so if the symlink isn't readable it will error out first.

Christoph    Mar 3 5:55PM 2018

Wouldn't it make sense to apply the exclude patterns first and then read the symlink (if it still applies)?

gchen    Mar 5 10:01PM 2018

Can you submit a github issue for this?

TheBestPessimist    Mar 12 6:39AM 2018

I have created one here:

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