attempting to install - get licensing error (just bought the personal license) - High Sierra iMac

Joe S     Nov 12 3:20AM 2017 GUI

I'm getting "Duplicacy Error Your license may have already been expired or assigned to a different host" when attempting to install onto my Mac (just now bought a new license) for personal use on MacOS (High Sierra). I get the error above when clicking on the install .dmg file so I'm stuck with no way to move past that.

I may have a trial account impeding this or something, but would like to be able to finish installing and activating.

I have an activation code 982dc4a26c5bd36375d9a143b09ef1cb for Joe Spurlock, just purchased (personal acct)

Please assist...

Thanks. Joe

gchen    Nov 12 10:32AM 2017

This message can be caused by an old version. If you're already running the latest 2.0.9 version, run these commands in Terminal:

defaults delete com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy License
defaults delete com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy Signature

Joe S    Nov 12 4:48PM 2017

Ah, yes - that did it, registered and up and running.

Thx !


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