Will you add support for more storage providers?

Ovidiu     Aug 11 2:29AM 2016

For example I am interested in using https://hubic.com/en/ or https://www.box.com/en-gb/home https://onedrive.live.com/?id=root&cid=F0B4F7BE1062139A

gchen    Aug 11 8:28AM 2016

Currently working on Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive. Once both are finished I'll start a new post for users to vote for the next storage provider to support.

Ovidiu    Aug 11 8:31AM 2016

Awesome! Do you have a newsletter list I can subscribe to so I will know about this post?

jello    Aug 16 9:39AM 2016

Just curious - how is the work on Amazon Cloud Drive coming? Inquiring minds. :)

gchen    Aug 16 5:22PM 2016

I received this from the Amazon Cloud Drive team yesterday:

Thank you for your interest in using the Amazon Drive developer tools. We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each invite request, including the use case your application will support. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling assortment of applications to Amazon Drive customers, we are currently unable to approve your request for access.

Unfortunately this came after about one month development on the ACD support. It is almost ready except for a permission issue that only they can fix.

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