Problem backing up a (quite big) directory

Eduardo Diaz     Jan 8 12:41AM 2018 CLI

Backup failed with the following error:

Failed to upload the chunk 75b1b3d886be23fc52defbbca21a5c6560f57674c427113e0cc5c45992cbb55a: InternalError: We encountered an internal error. Please contact customer support.

    status code: 500, request id: 89384642D912B6DB, host id: ayUjpYlyxYlzU0cgbltV+O/Ir4fVsJLXSKBh/zCJiyvNxVljaYteCmX1YX5KkfZ0iTiWLzqnuyMk

Incomplete snapshot saved to /espacio/espacio2/backups_clientes/froiz/remotos/josemanuel/.duplicacy/incomplete

gchen    Jan 8 12:25PM 2018

Are you using the wasabi backend? If so I'll contact their developers to report this issue.

gchen    Jan 9 1:20PM 2018

Can you send an email to to report this issue? They prefer support tickets directly from customers.

This is another reported incident of the exact same issue:

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