Error copying to Wasabi

Raindogtoo     Jan 9 7:37AM 2018 CLI

CLI job bombed withe the following error message:

Chunk 20b54029432a66096c50140f6f09337d536808a0226d4dd2bd773153a611f93c (1702/177738) copied to the destination
Failed to upload the chunk 1db25f553432fb144209f7f79d26563b4df1f79d90ad678b5b03a011fe5dc5ad: InternalError: We encountered an internal error.  Please contact customer support.
    status code: 500, request id: E71538F630DB30EC, host id: SZjnOgQ9fKpMrzalhOKNPk9/8VQ4KpenNq8qIpijqmUokFbJYELTD0IqgAUdJiEUxEtvBKiULp7I

I restarted the job and it went back to doing it's thing.

gchen    Jan 9 11:41AM 2018

I'll report this to their developers.

gchen    Jan 9 1:20PM 2018

Can you send an email to to report this issue? They prefer support tickets directly from customers.

This is another reported incident of the exact same issue:

Raindogtoo    Jan 10 3:44AM 2018

Done. I'll update this thread if I get any feedback from them.

Raindogtoo    Jan 10 6:09PM 2018

After asking a couple of questions, here's the feedback from Wasabi support:

Hi David - we looked through the log info below and we believe the problem was a 1-time temporary one that we have since addressed.   If you are still seeing the problem, could you please provide a fresh log excerpt?       Thanks, Jim

gchen    Jan 11 11:30AM 2018

Thanks for keeping us updated. Wasabi support has been very responsive to me too.

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